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Below are instructions on how to enable cookies on your device. Please click on the device and follow the instructions provided.

Android Instructions

iPhone/iPad Instructions

Google Chrome

  1. Go to Customize and control Google Chrome in the top right corner and click Settings.
  2. Go to Privacy and security.
  3. Click Cookies and other site data. Select the Allow all cookies radio button

Safari on Mac OS

  1. Go to Safari -> Preferences and click Privacy.
  2. Uncheck the following options:
    • Prevent cross-site tracking
    • Block all cookies

Safari on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

  1. Go to Settings -> Safari.
  2. Under Privacy and Security, turn off the following options:
    • Prevent Cross-Site tracking
    • Block All Cookies

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to Application Menu in the top right corner and click Settings.
  2. From the left menu, click Privacy & Security.
  3. Select the Standard or Custom option. In the case of Custom option, select Cross-site tracking cookies - includes social media cookies as a preference for Cookies.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Go to Settings and more in the top right corner and click Settings.
  2. Click Site permissions -> Cookies and site data. Set the following options:
    • Enable Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended).
    • Disable Block third-party cookies.